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1 Terms of References (TOR) For Selection of Consultants for GW Potential Assessment, Detail Reconnaissance Hydrogeological Study, GW Feasibility Study, Contract Administration & Supervision of Drilling in 15 Sub Project Areas in five DOC 964096 KiB Oct 03 2023    
2 Terms of Reference (TOR) for Managed Aquifer Recharge Assessment DOC 1104896 MiB Oct 03 2023    
3 Terms of Reference For Feasibility Study, Detail Design and Tender Document Preparation of Upper, Middle and Lower Awash River Flood Risk Reduction Investment PDF 1240884 MiB Oct 03 2023    
4 Senior Citizen Engagement Consultant – Access to Distributed Electricity and Lighting (ADELE) Project PDF 583898 KiB Oct 03 2023    
5 Terms of Reference For consultancy Services for The preparation and implementation of a tracking platform for managing solar home system sales and connections data Under the Ethiopia NEP PDF 335379 KiB Oct 03 2023    
6 Terms of References For Independent Verification Agent (IVA) to support implementation of the Results-Based Financing DOC 297472 KiB Oct 03 2023    
7 ToR & Shortlisting Evaluation criteria-ET-MoWE-343032-CS-QCBS Re-bid DOC 126976 KiB Oct 03 2023