H.E. Dr. Abraha Adugna

H.E. Dr. Abraha Adugna

Water Resources Managment

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Water resource is among the natural resources that plays vital role for overall development and prosperity of a country. It is of paramount importance to work on developing and managing water resource in an integrated manner and maintaining its quality and quantity as well for proper utilization. In this regard, the Ministry of Water and Energy is exerting its effort to realize its mission.

It is very critical to formulate up-to-date water resource policy in order to guide the development, management and proper utilization of water resources. There is a need to design legal frameworks, regulations, directives and plans based on the policy formulated. The Ministry is revising the water policy that has been used since 1999. On top this, It has been drafting proclamation for buffer zone delineation, proclamation for establishing basin high council, and regulation for water tariff. These legal frameworks are found to be ideal in the development, management and proper utilization of water resources.

Water resources need to be conserved and protected so that it can be abundant in quantity and quality as well. Availability of water cannot be secured without proper attention for the water sources, though water is available if its quality is compromised, it cannot be useful. Thus, protecting water bodies is fundamental. All actors and stakeholders of the sector should emphasize on the protection of water bodies. The Ministry is preparing a comprehensive basin plan that can serve as a tool for development, management and utilization of water resources in the basins and across sectors.

Preparations for water quality related activities to be implemented in eight basins are underway. ‘One plan- one budget scheme’ has been designed in collaboration with concerned sectors that aims at protecting ‘GERD’ from sedimentation.

Introducing and implementing eco-hydrology that promotes nature based solution to protect water bodies from invasive species like ‘water hyacinth’; and to keep the ecosystem in balance has been carried. In this regard, campaigns conducted at Lake Tana and Lake Demebel proved to be effective.

We work with unreserved commitment to enable the sector contribute for our country’s growth and prosperity by collecting, compiling and quantifying  surface and ground water resources, by setting up basin high council, by establishing and organizing offices across the basins and by ensuring equitable and rational water use on trans boundary water resources.

Finally, I call on all stakeholders to work collaboratively since the development, management and protection of water bodies is a shared duty for al actors.

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