"Ethiopia is contributing for decarbonizing the region" H.E.Dr.Ing.Habtamu Itefa

"Ethiopia is contributing for de-carbonizing the region" H.E.Dr.Ing.Habtamu Itefa While addressing at the 7th Water, Water diplomacy and Communication Forum, H.E. Dr.Ing. Habtamu Itefa, Minister (MoWE) stated that Ethiopia is contributing for de-carbonization through producing and exporting clean energy for neighbouring countries. He pointed out that about 98% of the energy produced in the country is generated from water which is a clean energy source. H.E. Dr. Habtamu, also, pointed out the need to utilize tranbsboundary water resources reasonably and equitably among riparian countries as neighboring countries not only share water they share language, culture and other socioeconomic realities. He further stated that it is unrealistic to believe that the country is blessed with abundant water resources while about a considerable portion of the country is suffering a recurrent drought. Welcoming the audience H.E.Lemi Guta, President of Adama Science and Technology University made sure that his office will support the forum unreservedly. The 7th Water, Water diplomacy and Communication Forum is jointly organized by the Ministry of Water and Energy and Adama Science and Technology University. The 5th and 6th water, water diplomacy and communication forum held at Arbaminch University and Bahir Dar University respectively. In the forum, papers on water, hydro diplomacy and communication are being presented

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